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Material - Tangle Directory (English)

Today a post without tangles. It's my latest work for tangle-tools.

My problem was: what to do with tangles in holydays? The material itself is no problem. I put it into a small bag which was done for a smoking pipe. For the sheets i have an idea which i will write someday about. But what with a tangle directory of my favorite tangles?

I ordered this book because it seemed handy.

It begins with pages to tangle, at the back part are some pages for a tangle directory. The paper is very good. But soon i discoverd that it was annoying to paint in a book. The pages will tend to close. If you're painting near the border your painting hand has to hover about the table. And if the tangle pages are full, what will i do with the tangle directory? And there are only 6 pages for the small tangles.

Then i read an article on sketch books on I had taken a look on some of them in a store ... but it didn't feel right. To use them as a directory i would have to paint squares into. And as i said: it's annoying to draw a tangle in a book.

I found the downloads at like the metric A6 index page. But a bunch of pages ... no, not the right solution.

And finally i was at a stationery store and saw a Filofax. The solution was found!

Such binders are available for metric A6 pages as well. I took my text program and made a template on an A4 page (which has simply to be cut twice to have an A6 page). Printed it as duplex and cut it to A6. The result was good (but not for painting because it was simple printing paper).

So i went to a digital printing store. They printed the template on 200g/m² paper as duplex. And they cut it to A6.

I bought a special hole puncher for 6 holes. It took a little time because the puncher could only take 4 pages of such paper. But i am painting Zen ... so i relaxed a little bit punching holes into the pages.


I took an old A6 binder, put the pages into ... perfect.


And this are the pages, when the first square is painted:

The paper surface is very smooth. No very good painting paper. My hint: Find a good painting paper in A4 and ask the printing shop if they will use it. (I did it. Results here.)

Now i only have to paint my favorite patterns. And then i can take all my patterns with me.

I can paint a complete tangle into each square. I can use multiple squares to paint a step-by-step instruction for more complex tangles. I can paint variations of the same pattern into the squares. ... and many more.

Enjoy the handycraft work to make your own tangle directory.

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  1. Ein sehr schöner Beitrag! Ich finde es immer total spannend, wie jeder Tangler für sich seine perfekte Lösung findet. Danke fürs Teilen!